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For you:

The One Heart Anti-bullying Course is a place where you are not alone!

  • tell your stories,
  • change your communities,
  • and connect to kids all over the world.

We interviewed kids who are dealing with bullying every day. They have struggled through the pain and hopeless feeling of bullying. Whether they stood on the sidelines and regretted doing nothing, endured endless torture from bullies or were the bully and decided to change, these kids have stories. AND you too have a story to tell, but this is not where it ends!

We have to stand together and listen but we also have to make plans and take action to change what is happening in our schools. We have to take back our power and stop this from the inside out!

This course will provide you with the supports you need to become an advocate for social change.


Are you looking for a resource to support your curriculum while delivering meaningful content to inspire learning? I created the One Heart Anti-bullying Course to support you in the classroom and beyond!

Multimedia text resources are presented in a thematic approach to curriculum standards found in the US and Canada.

Use the course as a stand alone model for individual students or experience the course as a class. Students will be able to:

  • use critical literacy to explain messages in media forms
  • identify topic, purpose and audience
  • organize ideas using Incident, Response, and reflection
  • create a media text representing personal stories
  • Evaluate and provide effective feedback to peers
  • use active listening strategies

Learners will tell their own stories using web 2.0 tools, assess and propose solutions to their own communities for bullying supports, and connect with the world to gather new ideas for social change.

Monthly webinars will be available for questions and suggestions.

One Heart will empower youth to use their voices for positive action in a global context.

This is needed.

And it is here!

We are all One Heart!

Very Sincerely,

Janet Lee

Janet  Lee

Janet Lee

Senior Instructor/Course Designer

Janet was a bullied kid. She spent most of her 9th grade year hiding in the girl's bathroom hoping to avoid the mean girls who tormented her. One Heart is a course designed to help teens who are struggling in silence.


"You are not alone." Janet Lee

Janet has 15 years of experience as a classroom teacher and literacy/curriculum consultant. She has designed workshops, lectures, and training modules for teachers, administrators, and literacy coaches. As instructional writer/designer for One Heart, Janet Lee teamed up with presenter Laura Dent to interview fifteen teens about how bullying effects their lives.

Janet Lee hopes One Heart can help those who are struggling in silence to ask for help and survive!!!

Made with love. We are all One Heart.

She currently lives in a charming Florida town called Safety Harbor with her two goldendoodle dogs named Charlee and William.

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Janet Lee

Course Includes

2 Videos

3 Multimedia

1 Quiz

30 Texts

8 Disqus

1 Presentation

15.0 hrs